Resource Mobilization and Fundraising

FIND Partners is a global name in building the capacity and conducting different resource mobilization and fundraising activities, trainings, orientations, fundraising events, setting up resource mobilization systems and structures, developing a fundraising strategy or building a resource mobilization office for partners and agencies.

Grants Writing and Proposal Development

Support individuals and institutions to develop concepts and proposals for grant awards.

FIND Partners has experts and volunteers to aid the process of developing both large grants and small concepts for grant awards

Organizational Development and Institutional Capacity Building

FIND Partners helps agencies to develop and grow into sustainable, fundable and resource effective institutions. We conduct Baseline surveys, Needs assessment exercises, Research, TOTs, Strategic Planning processes, Monitoring and Evaluations activities among others.

Funding Opportunities and Notices

FIND Partners collaborates with over 20,000 donors worldwide and disseminates Funding Opportunities and Notices on a monthly basis to over 50,000 partners and stakeholders globally.

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Conference and Repertoire Services

We plan, organize and repertoire for local, national and international events, including Workshops, Meetings, Seminars, symposiums, Conferences and retreats.